Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me get rid of all of my stuff?

No, absolutely not! Editing and purging are certainly part of the process but our job is to make your home work for you.

Do you offer closet design and installation?

We love to help you maximize and organize your new closet but we do not offer design and installation of new closets or closet systems. 

Do you offer cleaning services?

Cleaning is not a service we offer.  We recommend cleaning your space before our organizing session.

Can I purchase my own containers and organizing products?

Yes! We will provide you with a detailed list of suggested products that will be needed to organize your space.  You can shop from our list or find comparable products of your own choosing.

What areas do you organize / stage?

We offer entire home organization as well as areas such as kitchen, pantry, cabinet, drawer, bedroom, playroom, and bathroom organization.

Do you offer packing services?

Packing is a job best left to a professional moving company. We specialize in getting your home in the best possible shape for showings and organized to ease packing.